2 thoughts on “Two Stick Heading #1

  1. This looks like it can be done on a rigid heddle loom as well. Knot lumps are a very big problem on a rigid heddle loom. I currently am using that loom while my floor loom is under re-design. I am transferring 5 of the 10 lamms on my floor loom from the left side of the loom to the right side so that they operate more efficiently. The floor loom is an old Putney Mountain from the 1940s. It came to me with only 4 of it’s intended 8 shafts, so I had the additional lower lamms, upper lamms and treadles made and reinstalled. Now it needs some operational work. It was not so well designed as an 8 shaft loom and several other persons who have the 8 shaft version are missing the additional shafts just as I was. I hope my re-design of the lower lamms works so that others who have this old loom can add the additonal shafts and restore it to it’s 8 shaft, 10 treadle operational ability. Once I have more money I will get your books! Thanks again for sharing with us all you knowledge and advice. You were a GREAT HELP to me when I first got this old loom. I was having an terrible time warping from back to front and you sent me a DVD that saved my sanity! That was in 2013. Thank you again Peggy and may all blessings from heaven be yours!

    • Dear Barbara,
      This is a long shot, but I am wondering if you still have your Putney Mountain loom? I have an 8 shaft with the same problems you were desciribing in your post, and would love to know if you were successful in getting yours to work better as an 8 shaft.
      Thanks a lot!

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