Warping the Loom Back to Front DVD

This comprehensive DVD thoroughly explores the process of dressing a loom by yourself, from back to front. After discussing materials and tools, Peggy divides the warping process into 6 easy steps. Tying the Warp to the Cloth Beam Apron Rod. Close-ups and wide shots show the details

7 thoughts on “Warping-the-Loom-Back-to-Front-DVD”

  1. Would this be a “must have” book for a beginner floor loom weaver? My experience is on RH but just purchased a used HD 22″ 4s/4t floor loom. I’m a visual learner so hoping for lots of pictures? I’m soon moving to an area with no guild, no weaving shops and no help!

    • Absolutely! I wrote it for you. There are tons of illustrations. Since you asked and are just the right beginner, I’ll enclose a DVD as my gift to you. Be sure to let me know so I remember my offer. Peggy

    • My book, Weaving & Drafting Your own Cloth has an extensive chapter on drafting, tie-yups, etc. There are the basics (and a bit more) in my book Weaving for Beginners. This is not covered in the DVD.

    • My book, Weaving & Drafting Your own Cloth explains drafting and tie-ups extensively. By book, Weaving for Beginners tells the basics (more than the bare bones).This is not covered in the DVD. Thanks for asking. Peggy


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