My Weaving Art Book

I’ve made a memoir of my art work. When I found a great photographer who could photograph textiles, I jumped and asked him to make a record of all my pieces.

Woven Work: Retrospective of a Weaver - Peggy Osterkamp
Woven Work: Retrospective of a Weaver – Peggy Osterkamp

Then the idea for a book came. I wanted to have a record of my work over 37 years.

The book is beautiful. Everyone who has seen it says it’s fabulous.
It looks like a coffee table book, in every way but the size is 8 1/2″ x 11″ rather than great big.

Only fifty copies were printed and they are numbered and autographed. They sold really well at Convergence and many people said they would ask their guilds’ library to order it.

Hardbound – Limited edition of 50 copies
62 pages – 131 full color images
$200 –

14 thoughts on “My Weaving Art Book”

  1. As usual, I gravitate to your information. I am looking for your thoughts on shaft-switching devices. I want to do satin, for a silk multi-colored thread, but I keep thinking oof warp or weft with too many threads. It’s not really very large.. 14″ across warp, but that warp is very pretty. I don’t want weft to show much. I have 10 treadles. I always come when I’m stuck! Hope you’re thriving. You appear to be. Happy New Year!

    • Might you crowd up the warp and use a thinner weft? Nice to hear from you again. I know nothing about shaft switching–a complete mystery.

  2. Hi Peggy, Just caught up with your wonderful site and your Japanese tour. Is there any way to see your bookmark that you gave to Mr. Shindo? And that is another great feather for your cap. Isa Vogel

    • I give a formula in my book: Winding a Warp & Using a Paddle on page 99. It is from Sharon Alderman. Here it is in words.
      Sett = warp diameters per inch times warps in one repeat Divided by all this you need to do before you get the number to divide by:
      warp diameters per inch divided by weft diamers per inch times weft intersections in a repeat plus warps in one repeat.
      I give an example for twill to explain intersections. There ae 4 warps in the repeat and 2 intersections of weft for a 2/2 twill. For plain weave there are two warps in a repeat and two intersections of weft in a repeat I hope this helps. Of course the diameters are per Ashenhurst.

  3. Hi Peggy, I have just recently discovered your site and read about your Japanese trip. How wonderful that Mr. Shindo wanted your bookmark. Is there any way to see the bookmark. Isa Vogel

    • Dear Isa, So nice to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. Where are you these days? I have a couple in my studio. I’m using some on the Japanese pages. You’ll see more in posts to come. Peggy

  4. I am working through your three book series and am learning a ton. Wish I could take a workshop with you. Will you be on the east coast soon?

    • Dear Jenny,
      I see you just ordered my art book, Retrospective of a Weaver. I’m thrilled–and with your kind words here. Do you have my Weaving for Beginners? That I made so I could retire from teaching in the classroom and at workshops. I hate to suggest you buy yet another of my books, but it has lots more good stuff to try (what I taught in my classes) and more things that a beginner will need to know in the future. Lots more illustrations, too. If your order it from me, I can give you the wholesale discount of 40%. Let me know right away and i can put in in the same package with the other book. I’ll put in the invoice and you can send a check when it arrives. Thanks again for your support–I really appreciate it. Peggy

      • I would love info on ordering thir book for beginners. Also I would love to explore your My Weaving Art Book. (I LOVE books) thx Sharon

        • Your can order both on my website: The art book has it’s own tab. The beginner book is under “books and DVD”. The cost of my art book is what I had to pay because I only made a few copies.–No profit for me but psychic payment!

  5. I rented your beginner book from my guild. I assumed that all of the information in that book would be included in the three book series. It is not? I’ll take a copy from you since you offered it at such a wonderful discount. I am sure it will come in handy.

    Would you mind signing them before you send off?

  6. Hi Peggy,

    I just found your page and from what I am reading on different comments you have a trilogy of books. I am a beginner so I wanted to buy your first book but I can’t seem to find it on this site or others. Could you help me if it is still available?
    Thank you so much for you art and knowledge!

    • Go to my website again and click on the tab for books and DVD. I suggest you get the beginner book and for your free holiday gift, select my DVD. Then you should be in good shape. The other books are references and the beginning book will cover what you need to know now and for a long time. If you have trouble, email me again for help.


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