Pink Signs

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    • Dear Chris,
      Thanks for taking the time to make your comment that my blog is supposed to be about weaving. You are absolutely correct, but this weaver isn’t about weaving 100% of the time and I like to share with people what I’m about—99% of the time about textiles. For example when I’m traveling out of the country looking at textiles I post daily. I was so excited about supporting the Women’s March that I wanted to share that. I got more responses to these posts than ever before—yours was the only one not supportive. I don’t intend to put politics in any more posts and I hope you’ll stay on as a subscriber. I’ve been dyeing with indigo, saffron, turmeric and green persimmons lately so you can count on some posts about that. I am an artist and a weaver but I can say weaving is my life.
      I have a lot of weaving tips—over 100—so I hope that can keep you entertained with weaving things.
      Thanks for keeping me in line and I look forward to hearing back from you,


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