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Wind Weaving Bobbins and Pirns Tight

Wind Weaving Bobbins and Pirns Tight

Winding pirns and bobbins tight allows the weft to come off smoothly. It is imperative that pirns are wound VERY tight or the yarn won’t even come off! (Pirns are the “bobbins” used in end-delivery, or end-feed shuttles.So you won’t burn your fingers while winding these tight bobbins and pirns, feed the yarn over and under the pegs in a tension box. If you don’t get enough tension going over and under all the pegs, wind the yarn around one of the pegs a second time. This prevents burning your fingers even with electric winders. Place the tension box between the cone or spool of yarn and the bobbin winder. A tension box (see illustration) is normally used in sectional beaming. In this case it is being used just to tension the weft thread when winding.Purrington Looms sell an inexpensive tension box for this purpose–it also can fit on their wonderful doubling stand. They built it to my specifications.
I’ve found several tension boxes at weavers’ sales—most people don’t know what to do with them. Good ones that have a pivoting reed for sectional beaming are expensive. You don’t need that for only winding bobbins, so any old one you find should work, or the inexpensive one from the Purrington Looms.

This tip is from Book 3: Weaving & Drafting Your Own Cloth.



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