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Wrapped Fringe

Fringe is a good finish when you want to show both sides. With a hem, you must decide which is the “right and wrong” sides. This fringe is good for linen yarns, since they tend to fray and disappear after a few washings.The method shown here is a lovely way to enclose fringes with wrapped yarn. There is a trick to hiding the tails of the wrapping thread. See Figure.

Lay the thread that is to be used for wrapping on top of the bundle of fringe, making a loop at the end where the wrapping is to stop. The short tail from the loop should extend beyond where the wrapped area is to begin as shown in the illustration. With the long tail of the wrapping thread, wrap the bundle of fringe threads neatly, working towards the loop made at first. When the wrapped area is completed, take the working tail through the loop. Pull this tail out of sight and about halfway into the wrapped area by pulling on the short tail from the original loop. Trim the ends of the wrapping thread flush. You can leave the fringe itself or trim it.

Wrapped Fringe for Weaving

Wrapped Fringe for Weaving

The above tip is an excerpt from Book 3: “Weaving and Drafting Your Own Cloth

3 thoughts on “Peggy’s Weaving Tips > For your weaving: a beautiful fringe

  1. Oh, thank you for these clear instructions and illustration. I’ve been following some instructions from a vintage 70s weaving book (total self-taught beginner here) and it just seemed awkward. Your version is much simpler and makes perfect sense.

  2. Thank you for this technique. I have pondered how to create a fringe that has the durability and integrity of a selvedge. The tapestry I am working on has four selvedges for this reason. Next time I’ll use this one.

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