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By remembering the following climber’s story, you can always remember this version of the weaver’s knot. Imagine a rabbit hole with a tree growing right behind it. Every day the rabbit jumps out of his nest, runs around the tree, and pops back into the hole. Think of the rabbit hole as a length of cord using the short tail end to form a loop. The “tree” (or tail of the cord) ends up behind the “hole” (loop).

Another cord follows the rabbit’s daily path. This cord comes up through the loop, runs around the cord tree, and pops back into the loop.

To tighten, pull equally on both standing ends in opposite directions. Release in the same way for all weaver’s knots.

Weaver's Knot: Another Way
Weaver's Knot: Another Way

Taken from Book #2: Warping Your Loom & Tying On New Warps


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