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Many balls of yarn sold for knitting are in grams. 50 grams equals 1 3/4 ounce. Here are some conversions between grams and ounces. More metric conversions are in the Appendix of my Book #1, “Winding a Warp & Using a Paddle”.
50 grams (gm)Other useful amounts:
100 gm
500 gm
1000 gr (1 kilo)

1 oz.
1 lb.
1 gm

= 1 3/4 oz = .11 lb.= 3 1/2 (3.53)oz. = 0.22 lb.
= 17 1/2 (17.6)oz = 1.1 lb
= 35 1/4 (35.27)oz. = 2.2 lb.

= 28.35 gm
= 454 gm = .454 kilo
= 0.035 oz = .0022 lb

From: “Handbook of Timesving Tables for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers” by Bettie G. Roth and Chris Schulz, PO Box 951, Elk Grove, CA 95759-0951In my Book #1, “Winding a Warp and Using a Paddle” and the new book, Weaving for Beginners, I have a chapters on planning a project and calculating how much yarn you’ll need for warp and weft. There is a worksheet which I copy and use when I start thinking about a project. Perhaps I use several sheets with different versions until I decide just what I want to do with the amount of yarn I have on hand.

Taken from Weaving for Beginners.




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