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End-feed shuttles don’t need to be turned around to enter the next shed. They go back and forth just like boat shuttles do.


End-feed Shuttle Movements
End-feed Shuttle Movements

Think of end-feed shuttles like street cars that have a place for the driver at both ends of the car. Either end of the car can be the “front”, depending on the direction the car is going. The street car doesn’t need to turn around, or make a U-turn–the other end simply becomes the front when the direction of the car is reversed.

Just like a street car, end-delivery shuttles go back and forth–either end becomes the “front” end of the shuttle that enters the shed.

Many weavers don’t know this about end-feed shuttles and are surprised when I tell them they don’t have to turn the the shuttle around at the end of each shed.

Please let all your weaving friends know. Copy this tip and put it in your guild newsletter if appropriate.

This tip is from Book 3: Weaving & Drafting Your Own Cloth.


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