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This is easy and satisfying to make. It holds two slippery threads together. Jim Ahrens taught it to me. Basically you are tying one tail around the other string and then tying the other tail around the first string. To make Jim’s fisherman’s knot:


  1. Jim's Fisherman's Knot
    Jim's Fisherman's Knot

    Overlap the two strings, 5″ or so to practice on.

  2. Tie the beginning of a shoelace knot with one tail. You’re tying it to encircle the other thread, not to engage it (the knot can slide along the string the knot is being tied around).
  3. Tie the other tail around the string it is overlapping in the same way, encircling, not engaging. The key is to keep the overlapped threads parallel so you can keep track of what is happening.
  4. To tighten, pull on the long standing ends, and the knots slide together and pull against each other–the join cannot slip.

To untie the knot:

It may or may not be easy, depending on the yarn. Slide the two knots apart. Then to undo each half knot by pulling on the tails or standing ends to capsize the knots.

This tip is in the Knots Chapter of Book 2, Warping Your Loom and Tying on New Warps



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