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    • It is referring to 80% of the maximum sett using the Ashenhurst calculation. The Ashenhurst method of calculating sett is in both my book #1, Winding a Warp & Using a Paddle and Weaaving for Beginners. I wonder if there is a tip about it in my tip section? It’s a wonderful thing to know about and takes the guess work out of calculating sett. I devoted whole chapters to sett in both books. The comprehensive chapter is in Book #1, Winding a Warp & Using a Paddle. That’s the book I gave away free as a holiday give with every book order. I could offer it to anyone again up until Feb. 15. Mention this offer to receive your book when you order any other book on my website. The book sells for $39.95 so this is a good offer. It’s a good book and I want people to know how good it is!

  1. I have some tencel that says it is 4800 yards/lb. (McMorran scale agrees) but I can’t find any sett chart anywhere that uses that number for ANY fiber. The closest I can get is 10/2 cotton at 4,200 yds/lb. Is that close enough? I am a beginner knitter so this is all very new and challenging, but that doesn’t seem close enough to me.

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