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Doubling Stand for Weaving A
Doubling Stand for Weaving A
A doubling stand allows you use more than one yarn as a weft without the individual strands looping up during weaving. It’s an absolutely wonderful device that Jim Ahrens showed us. I couldn’t weave without mine.The way it works: Put one of the yarns to be combined on the top level and the others (up to 5 in the stands shown here) on the lower level. Thread the lower yarns through their INDIVIDUAL thread guides then up through the center of the upper cone. Draw all the yarns through the hole above the upper cone. As you pull the yarns out from the doubling stand, the yarn on the upper cone will encircle those on the lower level–that keeps them all together when they are wound onto the shuttle and more importantly, keeps them together during weaving.

(Often I use mine just as an ordinary spool rack–just taking the yarns through their individual thread guides– ie. they don’t go through the center of the upper cone.)

WARNING: Use the doubling technique for WEFTS ONLY because the yarn tension on the top cone is much less than on the lower cones. I learned that lesson the hard way–the loose yarns gave terrible warp tension problems. Take this advice!

You can make your own using the directions here, or now you can order one ready-made. I’m thrilled that they are finally available to all weavers.


To make one yourself:

Follow the above diagram and the dimensions of your largest cones of yarn.

  1. Be sure the thread guides are directly over the center of the pins that hold the cones. THIS IS CRITICAL or the yarn won’t come off the spools smoothly.
  2. Be sure there a few inches between the thread guide and the top of the spool to allow the yarn to whip off quickly and freely without hanging up on the spool itself.
  3. The holder for the cone on the top level MUST BE HOLLOW so the yarns from below can be fed up through the center of the top cone.
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To wind your shuttles tight: Take the weft yarn through a tension box. Six smooth maple dowels allow you to select just the right tension for winding your warp or bobbin. Use with yarn when winding your bobbin or with multiple threads when attached to the Doubling Stand.

Tension Box for Weaving
Tension Box for Weaving


This tip is from Book 3: Weaving & Drafting Your Own Cloth page

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