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Weaving for Beginners:
An Illustrated Guide – 2nd Edition
Available in print and PDF versions.
Peggy’s newest book provides beginners with the information they need to weave in a clear and enjoyable Step-by-Step way. Over 600 drawings illustrate each step. As her many students have discovered, she inspires confidence in every project. This is the book students wish for, and teachers have been waiting for. Both back-to-front and front-to-back warping are included. There are comprehensive chapters on rigid heddle weaving, computers and weaving, drafting, selvedges, sett, how to plan projects and suggestions for future projects.

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©2014  •  Hard cover with lie-flat wire-0 binding; 424 pages; over 600 illustrations  •  $49.95

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©2014  •  PDF Download; 424 pages; over 600 illustrations  •  $37.50

Winding a Warp & Using a Paddle

Winding a Warp & Using a Paddle
The first book in the series, Peggy Osterkamp’s New Guide Weaving, guides you through every step of planning a project and measuring the warp threads in preparation for putting them onto the loom. The chapter on paddles explains how to warp with multiple threads at a time. Learn how to plan projects; determine how long to measure your warps as well as how much thread you need for the whole project. Comprehensive information and tables on yarns and sett (epi.).
Peggy Osterkamp’s special skill is making the richness of her training and experience accessible to weaving students. ©2005 • 3rd printing, revised edition; 138 pages; 195 illustrations. Lie-flat wire-0 binding  •  $39.95  • 

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Book 2 cover

Warping Your Loom & Tying on New Warps
In Book 2, learn how to prepare your loom for weaving — beginning at the back of the loom. You will learn how to beam on, thread, and sley the reed. Chapters on sectional beaming, tying on new warps, knots, and adjusting jack, counterbalance and countermarch looms. Step-by-step instructions and sections at the ends of chapters for quick reference. Having Peggy’s books at your loom is like having a patient, knowledgeable teacher at your side.
Fourth edition ©2015, revised edition; 206 pages, over 200 illustrations – Print edition no longer available
• PDF digital download –   $27.50 – No free item with this digital download.

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Weaving Book: Weaving Drafting Your Own Cloth
Weaving & Drafting Your Own Cloth

Weaving & Drafting Your Own Cloth
Book 3 guides you through every step from weaving motions, shuttles and selvedges to finishing your cloth. When problems come your way there’s an extensive chapter on troubleshooting. The drafting chapter explains how to create your own designs as well as to use drafts in books and magazines. Fabric analysis, and the basics of multi-shaft weaving are also included extensively. It is written for novice and experienced weavers and teachers, and especially for those weavers who think that they will never understand drafting.  ©2005 Lie-flat wire-0 binding; 267 pages; 366 illustrations • $44.95

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Warping the Loom Back to Front DVD
Warping the Loom Back to Front DVD

Warping the Loom Back to Front
This comprehensive DVD thoroughly explores the process of dressing a loom by yourself, from back to front. After discussing materials and tools, Peggy divides the warping process into 6 easy steps: 1 – Measuring the Warp; 2 – Loading the Raddle; 3 – Beaming the Warp; 4 – Threading the Heddles; 5 –  Sleying the Reed and 6 – Tying the Warp to the Cloth Beam Apron Rod. Close-ups and wide shots show the details. Trouble-shooting and problem-solving examples are given. Pause at any time.
©2005 • Running time 62 minutes (color) • DVD $19.95 + shipping and handling. 

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Now you can either purchase my “Warping the Loom Back to Front” as a real DVD or download it or stream it on demand from the Vimeo website. I am thrilled that I can offer all of these methods to my customers. I have reduced the physical DVD price from $34.95 to $19.95. The Vimeo options are to buy it for $9.95 (stream or download anytime) or rent it for 48 hours for $4.99. See my Vimeo page HERE. I’m proud to say that after 14 years in production, people are still ordering the DVD.

I have two Kindle booklets available now with my most favorite weaving tips:

Peggy’s Weaving Tips: Hemstitching! It is an enhanced version of the tip plus a gallery of hemstitching variations. It is available for download on Amazon for $2.99.

Peggy’s Weaving Tips – Weaver’s Knots

For those who have been tied up in knots trying to tie weaver’s knots. Three methods to tie a weaver’s knot plus how to tie a double weaver’s knot are included.

Of course it can be viewed on all Kindle readers and on most smart phones, tablets, and computers if you install the free
Kindle reading app on your device.  Watch for more eBooks on weaving tips. Any suggestions for tips?