Woven Philippine Designs and One More Embroidery

This embroidered cotton cloth was hanging in a museum and fascinated me. Cathy and I found one in an antique shop and I brought it home. It always brings a smile. I put in on my bed sometimes just to enjoy it. See the next photo.

The designs are frogs! I forget why they wanted frogs, but I love them.

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We saw designs woven, too. They very much remind me of embroidery. Inlay is the technique.

Another loom with inlay designs. Lots of white but not always.

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A demonstration showing pineapple fibers we saw on a sidewalk. More in future posts about the fibers.

Looms weaving the fine pineapple fibers. The cloth is called pina. Often the warp is silk with only the pineapple fibers as weft. You’ll see why in future photos.

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