2024 Japan Trip, Day 9 – Two Wonderful Visits Today Around Kyoto

First we went to the Kawashima factory where they wove gigantic theatre curtains.

Many curtains are made with tapestry techniques with multiple threads to make thick and heavy curtains.

They are woven on huge tapestry looms— the looms are as wide as a full curtain. We were not able to photograph them. They also make machine woven curtains today on jacquard looms.

We drove way out into the country to visit a famous artist Jun Tomita. Here he is with a painted warp. It is ready to wind onto the loom.

Here’s the long warp he has painted and he showed how he wound it onto the loom.

The warp was tensioned while painting and them less tension so the warp would have good tension while winding. People will recognize this tension device on AVL and Ahrens looms and looms around the world.

An interesting area he was weaving on another loom made with merino wool yarn. He then felts the cloth and these areas pop out.

Jun then invited us to have tea in his home. A fabulous day!!