An Issey Miyake Bag Discovered in My Cupboard!

I watched Yoshiko Wada and Anna Lisa Hedstrom’s seminar, Conversations with Cloth this afternoon. It was the third session. There are more to come and they are wonderful and full of inspiration. And they can be streamed. The topic was Itajime—Clamp resist and there was a discussion about 3 dimensional ideas and Issey Miyake. I sat up and said to myself, “Where is my Issey Miyake bag? It would be perfect as a post in my series on bags!” He has designed clothes that fold down flat and open out in dramatic three dimension. We go there every time we are in Tokyo and before we get there, I think that maybe this time I will buy something. Then I see everything is way too much drama and way too much money and leave empty handed. But I’ve left filled with great pleasure at seeing gorgeous and ingenious art to wear.

The last time they had this small bag, and I am glad I got it. I treasure it but keep it wrapped in its original tissue hidden away in a drawer in my big tansu chest.

Here is the other side.

It is flat but opens out in folds. I wanted to take the photo before opening it out in case I couldn’t get it folded flat again.

Here I began to open it out. It was mentioned that there is a YouTube video about Miyake’s folded things.

Here it is opened out with its handles. They can be long or short, depending if you want to wear it over the shoulder or like Queen Elizabeth.

Another open view. I carried it at a family wedding once.

Here it is flattened again. I made it! I think I’ll keep it out for a while to enjoy it.