Comments and Connections: Beyond the Two-Stick Heading Post

Introduction: I have been enjoying immensely preparing and sending out the frequent posts during the COVID 19 times. But I enjoy even more the comments and being connected to weavers who have responded.  The pandemic has connected us all—not only in the US but all over the world. That’s a lovely thing. The two comments below followed my previous post “Cutting off Some of the Cloth Before the Warp is Finished (the Two-Stick Heading)”.

“Dear Peggy,
The timing of this post is perfect! I’m a fairly new weaver and just finishing the first of a pair of bedside rugs. I so wanted to take it off the loom but wary of wasting the linen warp. I now have a solution. Many thanks and Happy Easter from isolation on the other side of the pond.”Ruth Morrell, South Devon, England

This comment from Linda Doggett from Dayton, Ohio, caught my attention. I know her name from her frequent posts on Facebook in the Four Shaft Weaving group:
“This wonderful tip has been printed and kept near my loom because I use it so often! I also have a printout of one of the knots from your book taped to the table next to the loom. You are pretty much indispensable, Peggy. 🙂”

A Nice Testimonial about my Method of Warping the Beam

warped with raddle
warped with raddle


warped without raddle
warped without raddle







Hi Peggy,
I am utterly amazed at how easy your method is. What used to take me 2-3 days to warp the beam (not including dealing with twisted, tangled and broken threads) took me only a couple hours from taking off the warping board to warping the beam. All without the additional problems that I used to have. I cannot thank you enough Peggy.

I’ve always enjoyed the whole process of weaving, including  dressing the loom. But this, this make it pure bliss.
I’ve been hesitant about using more expensive yarns but now even with this first beaming, I feel more confident.

Ken Berg
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