My “Weaving for Beginners” Now Available in PDF Format

I’m so happy that my beginners book is available in print as usual BUT now, starting today, it’s also available as a downloadable PDF. I’ve been wanting this for months but travel and life got in the way.
We updated the Books/DVD page on my website TODAY.  I, myself, found that sometimes when I wanted to find something instead of leafing through the pages and searching, I turned to my own PDF version and used the search function. I could find it really fast that way. 

Please spread the word about the availability of my book in both formats: PDF as well as Print.
Also, check the Books/DVD page on my website on Black Friday for some Holiday specials.


Woven Bookmarks by Peggy Osterkamp

Woven Bookmarks  - Peggy Osterkamp - click to enlarge
Woven Bookmarks
– Peggy Osterkamp
– click to enlarge

Here I am again with more tubes. I needed gifts for my upcoming trip to Japan and wanted to use the warp I’ve been working on. This time I wove in horse hair. I tried black but liked the creamy white better. I also have brown horse hair but didn’t think I would like it. The challenge or inspiration was how to make bookmarks when the warp is about 4 inches wide. Each one is woven about 2 ½” high. The supplementary warp holds the horse hair inside the tube and it floats inside when not securing the horse hair. What fun it was when the inspiration struck when I had 5 minutes of quiet in our hot tub just before water aerobics class.

News at My Weaving Blog

I’ve been moving 97 weaving tips over from my old web site which will go “off” sometime soon. I’m proud of them, and glad to make them available again. I clicked and clicked, cutting and pasting over the weekend so much that I felt twinges in my mouse wrist. I’m giving it a rest then will add them a bunch at a time. They aren’t “live” yet, except that you can search for words and they will come up. I’d love to know if they are helpful.

My blog designer has really been working overtime–do you like the look of the new images?

A Video About Me, sort of

Check out this video–I am thrilled with it. Click on “What is energized yarn?” and scroll down to the You Tube video.

I loved working with Kathryn Alexander and in this video she tells about working with me. The thread she spun for me that she talks about was really fine and fragile. She was sure that I couldn’t weave with it and that I would be mad at her. But I did–warping “back-to-front”, of course. I wanted to test my warping process with the most fragile thread I could find, so that’s why I asked her to spin some for me.

Pink Creature (click on to enlarge)

She calls the yarns “energized” I call them overtwisted. These  yarns are what I’ve used for collapse weaving where the cloth puckers. Search  for “Pink Creature” to read my post about it. This is one of my favorite collapse pieces. There is also a picture in the post of the cloth after woven but before washing.