Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

I was given this beautifully presented saying years ago and always loved it. I kept it in a place where I wouldn’t forget it. And every few years it pops up again. I want to share it with all my subscribers, Facebook friends, and everyone else.

My idea for this post is to call attention to  the over 171 CATEGORIES so far on this blog since we began in 2010. And the 100 Weaving Tips that I posted every month way before that.

My home page has a way to search for a topic. Look for the little magnifying glass at the end of the tabs just under the title where it lists the different sections of the blog. You’ll see Home, About, Books/DVD etc. and at the end CONTACT and the magnifying glass. For an efficient search, put quotations around the key word for your search such as “sett”. Of course, you can browse up and down the list.

I love making the posts, and don’t seem to run out of ideas, but it would be wonderful if bloggers sent in some SUGGESTIONS. You can do that by sending a COMMENT. I love getting them; there never could be too many! During the pandemic I think I made a post every other day. Afterwards I’ve tried to do one a week.