My Woven Cloth is Sheer

Woven Cloth for Ruffle

My new woven cloth is as sheer as I’d hoped. You can see the treadles through the cloth.With each of my recent warps, there is something different. This is my second sewing thread warp and I increased the sett a bit so the wefts won’t pack down when I beat on an open shed. (See “Weaving for Beginners” and Book #3, “Weaving & Drafting Your Own Cloth”.)

I Have Many Projects Going On

I’ve mentioned my fiber optics weaving project and the work on the blog and web site. These are just two things on my mind besides trying to weave the sewing thread warp and the wavy wefts warp. Another major item is making ebooks. Yet another is making an art book or a portfolio in book form. The keynote speech and seminars in Collapse Weaving and Supplementary Warp for our conference (CNCH) in May are also on my mind. I feel pregnant with at least 9 babies!