The Rug from Italy is Mounted

Flat and Pile Rug Whole.bmp
HFlat and Pile Rug 1ere is the rug I got in Italy–all clean and mounted. What I loved was that is is of such fineness–in scale and in thickness and in design. The pile is extremely short so the pattern can be so fine. It is a storage bag face (chuval) , Turkemen, Tekke from Central Asia. A professional textile restorer and conservator, Joyce Hulbert did the beautiful mounting and she organized the professional cleaning. I have it hanging in my hall way so I see it everytime I come and go from home. Notice how thin it is–the pile isn’t worn down so low–it was made that way. There are several disigns as though the weaver was trying out different ones in the bands. I’m Flat and Pile Rug 2thrilled with it. It is from the third quarter of the 19th century–around 1875–pretty old so be saved all these years.