India Tour 2017 – Day 4

Day 4 India. I walked over on back on this bridge the day before my 77th birthday. I made it with the guides holding my arm and saving my life so I could celebrate birthday today.

The bridge flooring where they felt safe enough.

Village on other side of scary bridge.

Inside a home in the village. Man is a basket maker. Thought people would like to see i side a thatch roof house. The living area is on stilts above ground. Cooler there maybe. Animals below. Chickens and pigs and cows we saw.

Here are our shadows on the roof overlooking the village and the river we crossed on the bridge. When I was crossing g back on the bridge holding tightly to my guide there were 2 motorcycles and 10 people patiently waiting for me to get across! If they hadn’t seen my plight they would have begun to cross with me way out over the river. They waited because they would have swung the bridge greatly. And I would have died of fright or drowning.

India Tour 2017 – Day 3

Day 3 Kolkata (Calcutta) a textile workshop. In one area women were gathered together stitching threads for making Shibori fabric like this. It’s loosely related to tie dyeing. Stitches are made and the threads gathered up tight before the fabric is dyed. Where the stitching is the dye cannot penetrate. In other words the dye is resisted by the tightly squeezed cloth.

Another shibori design from the sample swatches.

Here are the women stitching.

What a mess it looked like but the design was carefully stitched out. We didn’t see who pulled up the stitches. I’ll bet the same women did. However it might take people with strong hands to do that job.

Some of the women showing us their work.

A close up to show the stitches.

India Tour 2017 – Day ??

** Editors note **

After two days of Peggy missing in action in India (no WiFi) I got this desperate email sent I think on her guide’s cell phone:

“No wifi for several nights. Hard to keep track of each day’s stuff. Got wifi from guide now in Along. Hot humid. Stand up toilet seat. Elephant working with driver and load. Roads worse than ever seen. Dry but ruts and rocks and mud slides. Four wheel drive in lowest gear for six hour drive. Running now with sweat. Off to see a market. In boonies.”

Now just tonight I’ve received 27 photos on Instagram one of them titled “Day 6”. I’ll try to unjumble them and will post a few shortly.

AND it’s Peggy’s birthday tomorrow!

India Tour 2017 – Day 1

A beautiful Marin sunrise saw me off to Calcutta (spelled with a K).

It’s obvious we are on a plane to India. I was thrilled to see all the beautiful saris on the plane. Such gorgeous textiles to take in and enjoy.

If it’s not a sari it can be a beautiful textile. So interesting to see how the women wear their fabrics.

More airport dress.

More airport dress. I know I’m in India.

Even on the streets and in hot weather. I think the sari must be comfortable.

Even the men appreciate nice textiles. We just met him before setting out for the airport for our next stop. I wonder if he is our guide.

Touring India and Bhutan

I’m off on my next trip to a special part of India called Arunachal Pradesh and then on to Bhutan. I’ll try to send daily posts and pictures as I’ve done on other trips. However, the WiFi may be not as dependable. You can become a subscriber to my blog and receive the posts in your email if you like. See how to do that on my home page in the upper right corner of the page. Of course this is a textile trip and I think we’ll have fantastic scenery. There will be many winding roads and mountains. I hope the monsoon rains don’t change our plans. The map shows the road trip path of our itinerary. There is a gap in it because the map didn’t show any roads at that point.
Here is a live Google Map link so you can follow me along on my trip: MAP of MY India & Bhutan Trip