Fabulous Acropolis Museum in Athens

Acropolis Museum 1

Acropolis Museum 3

We visited this amazing new, modern museum at the beginning of the trip. The friezes from above the columns of the Parthenon are shown there. The ones in color are the originals. The white ones are reproductions showing what went to the British a Museum long ago. There were a lot so statues all draped beautifully with great volumes of cloth –handwoven, of course.

Acropolis Museum 4


Corinthian Columns

Corinthian Columns 1
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The Corinthian capitols we learned about in school came from the old city of Corinth. There is a huge canal there now joining the two seas..the Ionian and Agean. The old city as prosperous transporting goods or even whole ships across the isthmus where the canal is now. No wonder it was a city of big commerce. All the places we visit where there are ruins we see lot and lots of stones around looking to me like big puzzle pieces, that belong to the ruins. Jigsaw puzzle lovers should help out with these giant puzzles!Corinthian Columns 2

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How Grapes Are Grown on Santorini

Source: Daily Telegraph | Features
Source: Daily Telegraph | Features
Grapes 1
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Grape vines are coiled close to the ground instead of stretched out like in California. Here is a dead vine that shows the old, knurled vine.  The next picture shows a living plant and the last one shows part of a vineyard.  There were lots of vineyards on the island and some wineries to visit. Who would have thought to grow grapes this way? That’s what I like about travel!

Grapes 2

There were looms in Ancient Greece!

Greek Loom Drawing.gif
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Greek Loom Weight
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There were looms in Ancient Greece. At the archaeological  site, Akrotiri,  we visited in the Island of Santorini we read there were hundreds of loom weights were found . At a museum we saw some weights–thrilling to see them. The picture shows a loom with the weights. This is a well known image. Exiting to see such elaborate costumes–all made of cloth from those primitive looms.