Designing with Log Cabin Revisited

I showed this beautiful shawl in a post a while back and recently got a comment about how it was designed. See that post from January 18, 2022. HERE

Here is a lovely photo of a fabric which might be more inspiring than a draft. This color and weave structure is called “log cabin”.

This illustration shows how the color changes are accomplished by changing the color order. Notice the two black warps and wefts are together at the boundaries of the squares.

Dorothy Burnham described the weave  in her book, Warp & Weft A Dictionary of Textile Terms : “A simple colour and weave effect is formed when warp ends and weft picks in a plain balanced tabby are alternately dark and light in colour for a certain number of threads and then reverse their order. This intriguing pattern, popularly known as “Log Cabin”, was frequently used, as in this example, for fine handspun and handwoven woollen shawls.”