A Day of Saori  Weaving

We went to a Saori official business (school). Everyone had a loom for themselves. Sa means all have own dignity. And Ori means weaving. Read more: https://www.saoriglobal.com/

The looms were specially made for this process. Easy for anyone who hasn’t woven before. two shafts. A bobbin winder attached. A narrow shelf for the special shuttle scissors etc.

The shuttles were nice and had 2special things. Read on.

Easy opening the bobbin holder rod.

Two sizes holes. For finer yarn and bulkier textures.

To cut off the woven part instead of the 2-stick heading or trying on: the assistant laid this stick on top of the unwoven warp. See more.

The stick was pressed into the slot of a special stick and the warp wound round a few times.

The warp was cut in the previous photo and here wound round and round the stick.  Then to be attached to the loom front beam.

The stick with the warp wound on it was attached then to the front beam. Very fast and also secure with tension perfectly retained.

10 thoughts on “A Day of Saori  Weaving”

  1. How interesting! And, typically so efficient and easy!
    Saori weaving and philosophy is a breath of fresh air.
    It’s always so interesting to see your posts from around the world, Peggy!!

  2. Hi Peggy
    It was great seeing you at CNCH. Although I don’t do Saori weaving, I bought this attachment to use on my 8-shaft loom last year as an alternative to the one or two stick method for retaining correct tension after cutting off a piece of weaving. Brilliant. Glad you agree. 😍. Peace. D Taylor, DVM


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