2024 Japan Trip, Day C – A Day on My Own: in two department stores

Japanese department stores are full of wonders. I wallowed in two near the Osaka train station all day. It was glorious to do whatever I wanted. Here’s what I bought. You’ll be surprised.
Here are what women wearing a fancy kimono would wear on their feet.

In the fine kimono department you ordered your “shoes” custom to go with your kimono.

Department stores have one or two floors with food courts. They have been crowded every time I’ve been in one. If fact on a trip years ago I was bumped into and fell flat. (Ambulance, hospital , stitches). Ever since I am very careful to watch where I’m going so that doesn’t ever happen again. In this case one of the floors was devoted to sweets and the other to a grocery store and many foods to take home.

Lots of individual designers have areas of interesting clothes. I bought this nice shirt. I liked the seam that was off center.

Went looking for an interesting apron and found this right away. In both stores there were lots of apron racks. This one has a little loop to hang a towel. What I really wanted was something way out with lots of pockets that I saw behind the counters where we ate. Most of what I saw were boring prints.

Then I found what I’d given up to find. An old fashioned mamma one. Look closely and see some lacey front. It has sleeves big enough to protect everyday kimono sleeves. It was in one of the kimono departments.

Here is the underware layer for a kimono. Had a fun experience finding them and then trying on one for size. Not sure what I’ll do with it but I think people will be interested.

Had lots of fun looking at the gadgets in the kitchen departments. It was a fun day searching out the odd things I wanted. I have a kitchen brush I got before Covid that needs to be thrown away. But it’s so handy because it hooks on my dish rack. So I finally got to the right gadget department and found one that I think will work. Found a mirror that I think will be good for checking for clear sheds in double weave.

After a delicious long soak in the deep bathtub, I treated myself to Room Service.

I bought sake in this jam jar a week ago and carried it with me in my suitcase. Tonight was the perfect time for it.

8 thoughts on “2024 Japan Trip, Day C – A Day on My Own: in two department stores”

  1. I love the department stores too – not necessarily the big fancy ones either. I bought an apron as well and a few gadgets in one in Nagoya. I loved walking thought the men’s department and finding really fancy, colorful men’s underwear which of course I took a photo of! And the white shirts with a colorful print on the inside of the color. My thoughts were that this what was under the traditional black suit and tie and white shirt that so many wear so they felt a little more playful and unique?

    • So glad to get your comment Janett. I thought maybe I was the only one! I wish I hadn’t missed the men’s dept.


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