2024 Japan Trip, Day 8 – A Pongee Silk Making Factory

Silk reeling. Wonderful to see this special silk being made (reeled) from larger silk cocoons that had two silkworms inside and both making silk with the two strands inside. One skein shows the silk just after the cocoons have been unwound (called reeling the silk). The fluffier one after the gum (serisin) has been removed. The smooth strands are what raw silk is. The other in this case is pongee silk.

A close look at the skein of the silk from the two-worm cocoons. I’m calling cloth woven with this as the weft as pongee. The warp threads on the looms were smooth only the wefts were of this irregular silk. I’ve never seen this before so am excited to learn about the reeling of these special cocoons.

Here is one of the women at reeling the silk. The cocoons are in a bowl of hot water.

Several cocoons are unwound and comprise one thread.

The first strands to come off are discarded. Then I’ve seen these made into very lumpy thread called kinds.

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  1. Fascinating. The pictures and your commentary tell an informative story. Double cocoons…Who knew?! Thank
    you for sharing.


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