2024 Japan Trip, Day 4 – A Mixture of Scenes from Today

This morning a walk through a local market similar to our farmers markets in Takayama. Here the garage turned into half shop and half garage.

The car parking situations interested me along our walk.

I was happy to see the traditional way a shop keeper would wrap a purchase. I learned to allow several minutes for wrapping a purchase. Now they put in a plastic bag and use 3-4 pieces of scotch tape. Takes just as long. The old method was to use the smallest piece of paper possible. Surely only one piece of tape.

A common shape of small buildings. Apparently taxes were charged by the width of a lot. Here a shop is on ground floor. Often the garage would be there.

I liked the 4 stones to this shop entry.

Everyone seems to be planting their flowers in their tiny spots. Here grandpa is planting while the family watches. Grandma was in the doorway minding the pet dog. All on a Sunday morning.

The rice plants have been planted and the paddies flooded all over our part of Japan. I liked the reflection of the landscape in this rice paddy.

We spent the night with home stay people in the town of Shirakawago which is known for steep thatched roof houses gorgeous countryside.

Shirakawago village. Lovely rice paddies and thatched roof houses. We awoke in the morning to an earthquake warning on our phones. It was 100 miles north and 5.9. Only a few of us felt it.

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  1. I love your messaging and photos of Japan…not as good as being there, but
    keeps hope alive! Thanks, Peggy…

  2. Loving your daily posts from Japan, Peggy! You have a wonderful eye for finding extraordinary moments in daily Japanese life, like the parking variations! Looking forward to each mornings new post:-)


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