2024 Japan Trip, Day 3 – A Shibori Festival in Arimatsu

We went to Arimatsu near Nagoya and lucked out that it was Saturday and a big festival honoring Shibori patterning was happening. A technique the town is famous for. Going there for the traditional architecture is special enough but the festival was a fantastic addition.

People dressed up in Shibori patterns.

Two ladies strolling in a break from the crowd.

It was packed. Cops had to direct the people traffic.

Men dressed up too.

These dogs in a prank got attention.

Stalls had Shibori items. Lots of T Shirts.

Demonstrating tying Shibori patterns before dyeing. Very involved tie dye it can be.

There were several demonstrators.

Lots of families were there.

The waitress came to serve me sake.

The only way to attack the glass of sake she poured me!

8 thoughts on “2024 Japan Trip, Day 3 – A Shibori Festival in Arimatsu”

  1. The stands/seats the weavers Demonstrating tying Shibori pattern were interesting, A seat/workbench type? Or were the stand and seat separated? Wonderful experience thanks for sharing

  2. Dear Peggy

    I am so enjoying reading your blog regarding your Japanese trip. I found the photos and information on your day in Arimatsu and the Shibori festival particularly fascinating.

    I would love to include this town in an Itinerary that I am putting together to visit Japan in the future. I am an avid fan of Japanese textiles and in particular indigo dyeing, shibori, Sashiko and Boro.

    I currently have two Japanese students staying with me in a Homestay programme that I participate in with our local Rikkyo school in England.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.

    Best wishes for the rest of an enjoyable trip.

    Susie Bulgin, England


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