2024 Japan Trip, Day 13 – On Our Last Day a Demonstration by a Kimono Dresser

It starts with an under garment made of cotton and tied in place with elastic bands. The desired shape is for the body in a kimono to be a rectangle. (A woman with large bust line would wrap towels under her breasts to create the required shape )!! I went shopping for one for an adventure the next day angot one.

The kimono is put one. Note the green piece which will be part of the neckline.

A tape is put around so can hike up the length in a big tuck.

This cord secures the tuck that shortens the length.

A stiff band holds the obi flat.

Starting the bow of the obi. This took a good bit after manipulating.

The first knot in the obi.

A pad is placed inside to give the bow depth as the bow is getting started.

The completed bow.

The final view a few steps later.

We all were interested in this under garment.

We had a wonderful farewell dinner.

11 thoughts on “2024 Japan Trip, Day 13 – On Our Last Day a Demonstration by a Kimono Dresser”

  1. Thank you Peggy for posting about your Trip to Japan and all the interesting textile information. There are so many things to learn and see in this world – thakns again for sharing

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all these photos! It has been a delight to see each new email. The trip looks to have been a real delight.

    Thanks again for sharing.



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