An Idea for Art in Kyoto and a Spectacular Shop for Dyes


This post was about an idea I got for an art piece and about a spectacular dye shop in Kyoto.  Hence, I’m thinking people may be planning a trip to Japan this spring. I am going again in May!

I really liked this piece. It’s lit but what I liked is the proportion—so-o-o short and wide.

Here is the piece close.

There was a short piece in the gallery’s shop. I still like the idea. Maybe with a really nice, dyed silk fabric. That’s awfully big for me but who knows what an idea will come to.

Our guide, personally took me in a taxi to this spectacular dye shop. There are so many fabrics of all types of fibers. I bought 10th meter of many pieces. This is how I happened to have so many different fabrics in my dyed piece for China. There were dyes, all kinds of brushes, tools, equipment—I try to get there every time I’m in Kyoto.

Here I am outside the shop with my bags. I look pretty tired, and I was at the end of a long day.

I couldn’t find the shop name in English at first, but here’s the top of my bill. I bought 8, 1-meter pieces and 4 pieces less than a meter. Mostly cotton this time. I also got some interesting brushes. Take your credit card along! We Googled to get the shop’s name and address for the taxi. TANAKA NAO SENRYOTEN is the shop name!! Now you have it both in English and in Japanese for the taxi driver.

7 thoughts on “An Idea for Art in Kyoto and a Spectacular Shop for Dyes”

  1. May I correct the name of the store? It is Tanaka Nao Senryoten.
    Tanaka is the family name. Nao is the first name. Senryo-ten translate dye store. I hope this helps.

  2. Is this Tanakanao, pronounced Tanaka-now?
    Visited in 2004, great store, was introduced to (retired)owner,
    glad to know it is still in business.


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