A Wonderful Gathering of My Tribe

I went to our Conference of Northern California Handweavers over the weekend, and I had a wonderful time. I felt like I was famous! (Even though it is hard to take a selfie that doesn’t have to be read backwards!)

I went to tell weavers about my books, especially Weaving for Beginners which came out in 2010. I had thought I needed to keep it in people’s minds lest anyone forget about it! However, I heard it is flying off the shelves lately! Many people came up to me to say that they use my books and recommend them to all new weavers. (You see, I could figure out how to do a selfie.)

A Fourth Edition of weaving for Beginners will be out this summer or fall!

I was thrilled to hear how many people liked my blog on the website. My tech guy designed it maybe 14 years ago and continues to  maintain it and makes sure it looks professional. (I heard that it is  rated #2 for the best weaving blog!)

It’s easy to subscribe and join a lot of other subscribers. Go to my website at www.peggyosterkamp.com.

There are over 900 weaving, travel and dying posts. And over 100 weaving TIPS.

I was especially glad to hear that many are using the SEARCH feature to look up answers to questions that come up. That was my tech guy’s idea and a wonderful one. You can sort by over 170 categories. 

13 thoughts on “A Wonderful Gathering of My Tribe”

  1. Great photo – you look so happy.
    Delighted to know how well your books are selling. Takes me back to Jane Street.
    Fond love,

  2. It was great to see you at CNCH. I love your books especially Weaving for Beginners because it has everything. (It’s not just for beginners). If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have two weaving books- Weaving for Beginners would be one of those two books.
    Peace. D Taylor, DVM

  3. It was so wonderful to meet you in person, Peggy! I’m the one at CNCH 2024 who was wearing the fuzzy jacket. I will treasure my autographed copy of Warping Your Loom & Tying on New Warps. And I LOVE your blog, especially the ability to search for answers to my weaving questions. I guess the questions never stopping coming up for weavers of all levels. Big hugs and thanks!

  4. Love the website and the answers to so many of my questions. Can’t wait for the new book.

    • The new book is the 4th Edition of the Weaving for Beginners book. It will be $70. there won’t be much difference except there will be a pocket inside. Inside will be a poster of the steps for setting up the loom. Front to back on one side and back to fron on the other! also info on the trapeze. Otherwise only small edits.

  5. I just love your book and definitely recommend it every chance I get. I always have to know why, and all the ‘whys’ are there.


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