A Day in Kobe

We took a day trip to Kobe. Of course we got some Kobe beef.

There is soft ice cream every place there are tourists. I’ve had it 2 times already.

One stop was at a Japanese bath. A great soak after being in a van a long time.

This is the typical towel you get at a Japanese bath. Thin and a little over a yard long. You put it on your head while soaking. I never thought I would get dry but dried off by getting dressed.

Entry way to a place to eat. Now I know for sure in Japan.

Also seen a lot women with umbrellas to keep off the sun.

Paths and steps can be beautiful and thoughtfully made.

11 thoughts on “A Day in Kobe”

  1. Hallo Peggy
    What Kind of Material do the Japanes Choose for the towels below? And which pattern?
    If this towels dry so fast, it would be interesting.
    Greetings from Crete

  2. I am enjoying your travels in Japan and I’m wondering if you can help me out. I just bought a loom that was made in Japan. It’s wonderful, but all of the literature is in Japanese. Would you know where I could find a list of Japanese/English weaving terms? Thank you and I look forward to reading about more of your weaving travels.

  3. Looks like fun. I especially like the steps photo. Have a great time. We will visit when you get back and are rested.


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