2024 Japan Trip Day 1 – A Day at the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka

This is a fantastic museum complex. So modern and interesting is the museum itself. We saw a full size outrigger boat, huge collection of drums and music instruments from around the world, costumes, tools household and hunting devices. That’s just to name a few things. It is so, so interesting.

There was a special exhibition of masks. It made me understand how important they are in some cultures. In Japan especially. There were ancient simple ones made of wood and many for so many purposes. The ones kids made in art classes of simple cardboard to huge ones for ceremonies were fascinating.

This was the only photo allowed in the giant mask exhibition. I don’t know what it is about but fascinating.

The rose garden was to die for.

I thought this very interesting. A portable fan that also sprays a mist. It was by an outside eating area.

A large lake is on the grounds walled in by stone walls that look like they came from a castle grounds. This was a quiet waterfall.

I do love stone walls. The stones are huge. The grounds have a lot to offer.

Then back to our hotel in busy Osaka. Our hotel has the red stripe on the roof line. It’s right in the middle of things.

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  1. More fabulous photos and explanations. You have such an eye fir capturing beauty. Absolutely delightful! Thank you Peggy. A real treat.

  2. Peggy, through this last trip to Japan, I have been receiving your post, text only no pictures. I love traveling with you because I can’t anymore but I really would like to see the pictures!


    • This is Bob, Peggy’s tech guy.
      If you are reading Peggy’s posts in email, your email program is blocking you from seeing the images due to some security feature. Look at the top of the email for a link to allow you to see the photos.

      You can always see Peggy’s posts at: https://peggyosterkamp.com/

  3. peggy, it’s veronica . i added mckenna’a email. hope it works!

    enjoying every single moment of looking you are all to wonderful!!!!!!

  4. So glad you are able to travel to Japan again. Last year I saw the Mingei museum with the Hiroko Ando shibori exhibit but did not have time for this museum. Next time. That rose garden is spectacular! It was in full bloom when we were there last year as well, but raining a bit. Didn’t stop us from enjoying it however.
    Great posts. enjoying them.


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