My Ring of Silks as Seen in China

Here is a picture of my Ring of Silks as it hung in the show in the China National Silk Museum last fall. I’m thrilled that the museum people just now sent me this photograph. It makes it more real to me somehow.

In the previous post on September 23, 2023, I showed photographs of the piece and gave more information. You can also see that it all began as white silks. See the post HERE

I got a very nice certificate from the museum.

Here’s the text on the certificate. I think this is equivalent to a blue ribbon!

17 thoughts on “My Ring of Silks as Seen in China”

  1. Bravo, glad to see what happened to the Ring of Silks.
    You caught my interest in the first article, you are amazing and deserve this honour

  2. Thank you for sharing the picture. It looks fabulous with the light coming through. I recall when you were packing it to send.
    Delightful news it is now in their permanent collection for many to enjoy. Your generosity in creating is a true gift to us all. Many thanks Peggy.

  3. How rewarding to get both the photo and the certificate. So much hard work every step of the way and then, hooray, such a wonderful result. Congratulations!

  4. Peggy, did you know that you were contributing this piece to the museum’s permanent collection before you sent it? Congratulations!


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