Ahrens Loom Available


It is rare that an original Ahrens loom becomes available. Jim Aherns was a weaver, built well engineered looms, taught and sold to high end stores, churches, and interior decorators. He is the A in today’s AVL looms. He studied production weaving in Europe just before the Industrial Revolution when hand loom weaving was at its peak. I learned production (efficient) weaving from him, and his techniques are the bones of my books and teaching.


The loom is in Redding, California. Transportation might be available. The owner’s mother wove on the loom and wants to get it to a good home. Send your best price offer and why the loom should go to you. The owner wants it to go to someone who will really use it. Email: kiki_hogan@yahoo.com.

The loom has 8 shafts, 10 treadles, is approximately 36” wide and is made of birds eye maple. Efficient as well as beautiful.

The warp beam has Jim’s well known tension brake as well as a ratchet brake. The slot in the warp and cloth beams allow for even winding of up the warp and cloth. These are old traditions that I’ve seen all over the world in professional weavers’ studios currently.

It folds to 26” deep without disrupting the warp or woven cloth.

The loom has a side tie-up so there’s no more struggling underneath the loom to tie up the treadles. And the treadles are engineered to make clean sheds without extra effort.

17 thoughts on “Ahrens Loom Available”

  1. I so thoroughly enjoy reading your comments in the Ahren looms
    I do have one and love it. I have learned a great deal from your posts. Thank you!

  2. I’m sure it’s more money than I can afford right now. But it looks like it has good tension and is the perfect weaving width.

  3. Beautiful loom, no doubt soon to find a new home. So lovely to see such wonderful workmanship. Only wish I lived closer than Victoria, Australia.

    • It’s a jack loom. Go to the website Ahrenslooms.com I think there should be information about the side tie up system for tying up the treadles.


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