I’m Off to Japan: My Art is Going to China!

I’m off to Japan on a tour with my precious friend and tour leader, Yoshiko Wada, founder of the World Shibori Network Foundation.

Here’s A Ring of Silks before shipping to China.

All nestled safely in a large box.

It is a large box. Off to be loaded in the car.

Waiting to be weighed and labeled. And I’m saying Goodbye!

13 thoughts on “I’m Off to Japan: My Art is Going to China!”

  1. A lot going on with you right now! Take a deep breath & savor each moment. Have a fun & safe trip. Keep in touch along the way & send photos when you can.

  2. Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement! I (and I’m sure everyone who reads your blog) look forward to hearing about your great adventure!

    • Not really recovered with all the things to catch up on. How are you two??? I am fine trying to balance fun things and must do things as usual.


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