Getting Closer and Closer

It’s so close to my big sale. However, on THIS Saturday is another big sale–sort of a preliminary one. I scheduled it primarily to advertize the one next week. However, getting it ready for packing our cars tomorrow has been a big and exciting task. I think my advisors have designed a wonderful booth for the Textile Arts Council of the deYoung Museum’s Textile Bazaar for day after tomorrow. Pictures will be in a follow up post. It’s a trial run for me completely.

I made a website of examples of some of what will be availabe. Just click the link at the bottom in the picture below to check what will be available at my big show at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

6 thoughts on “Getting Closer and Closer”

  1. Gorgeous! Thank you for showing photos of items! I enjoyed admiring them. The stories each item must have. I wish I was there to buy. Museum quality.

  2. All the best for the sale. I often wonder what to do with my collection. I have been following your journey with interest. Australians don’t tend to collect sadly.


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