A Rug Sampler

I unrolled this rug to get it ready for my sale of my collection in November. I have to document everything which means take photographs, give it a number, put it in Word with the number, put it in the database. Then comes the rest: pricing, making the hang tag, packing it up, taking it to Fort Mason for the sale and then setting up. This is piece #644 and there are a lot more pieces to record.

I bought the sampler rug in Oaxaca while on a textile trip there some years ago. We visited the workshop and saw that all the yarns were dyed with natural dyes and then woven in the studio. There were skeins of yarn drying in the breeze on the roof. The same pattern is used but each section is made up of a different color combination. That’s what appealed so much to me. I love samplers and to sample.

Here is the pattern and you can judge the scale. Note this color combination.

A completely different color scheme for this section.

When I unrolled it, I noticed the signature of the weaver in the corner. What a joy to see it and remember seeing it and falling in love with it. It might be hard to let things go, but I am thoroughly enjoying visiting my treasures.

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    • I’m sorry I haven’t made it clear what I’m up to. It will be a big sale of my collection and my work in San Francisco at Fort Mason. Dates November 19 and 20. There will be a list on line but you need to be there in person. Afterwards things will be available on line. I’d better post this info since it’s what I’m working so hard on at the moment and certainly will be subjects on my posts I think.Thanks for asking.


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