Silk Cocoons – Part Two

These are more natural silk cocoons. In Japan a man I met at a flea market has a business of selling natural fibers. These cocoons thrilled me!

You can see why the above cocoons interested me when you realize most cocoons look like these.

Did you notice the stem on one of the cocoons in the above photo? I did and found out that the silkworm MAKES the little twig that makes its attachment.

Here is a little bit of the silk fibers in a fluff along with the silk “twig”.

Here is a skein of yarn made from the silk twigs. I am calling this the baby bear yarn. A strand of 5/2 cotton is for comparison.

This is the mama bear size yarn.

This is the papa bear size yarn.

This is grandpa bear size!

Here is a lovely shawl made from the cocoons shown in the first photo.

A closer look at the fabric. It is soft and a joy to wear.

8 thoughts on “Silk Cocoons – Part Two”

    • Hi Miriam. Yes, and a new project–BIG starting on. I’m going to have a BIG sale of my collection and my work at Fort Mason on Nov. 19 & 20. Just getting started–a big job. I’m excited.

  1. Thanks so much. When I taught school all my students had a “pet” silk worm. They watched it hatch, fed it for a few weeks, watched it make a cocoon, unreeled the silk and wove with the fibers (that is in kindergarten) when I was no longer able to share this with my students (and many other things too) after 34 years I walked out the door. It is so sad to see what is happening to eduction.


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