An Ahrens Loom Needs a Home!

Hi fellow weavers! I have a beautiful Ahrens loom I would love to donate to an enthusiastic intermediate or above weaver who is mechanically minded and familiar with Ahrens or AVL looms. I live in San Francisco, and you would need to move the loom. There are 25 cement steps to get to the loom. And the loom is heavy. 

Send me an email if you are interested. Be sure to tell me why you are the person for this loom. And thanks for helping find a home for my very neglected Ahrens loom.


It is a 10 shaft loom but only has 4 shafts. It is 4ft. wide and 44” high. There’s no bench and no extra shafts.

It’s made of bird’s eye maple.

It has 10 treadles, (but remember there are only 4 shafts on the loom now)

The loom needs new string heddles (available from Texsolv).

It has a side tie-up so you don’t need to get down to the floor to tie up the treadles.

It can be folded for less space when not in use. The loom has been in storage for a long time so probably needs some adjusting. 

I also have additional weaving supplies to donate. 2 additional reeds, raddle, leases sticks & books. 

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