Happy Easter, 2022

The ladies in Sicily made these for Easter. I was there on Palm Sunday in 1004 and loved seeing them being made.

Another Easter sculpture made of dough.

 My former husband made these 50 years ago! He covered the eggs with wax and embedded the beads and painted one.

These quail eggs were in a grocery store in Japan. We were so taken with them my husband blew out the insides and I’ve kept them all these 55 years! So beautiful.

14 thoughts on “Happy Easter, 2022”

  1. You are much too vibrant and fully alive to have been visiting Sicily in 1004!

    I am so impressed with your archival talents. Your collections are pristine! Are the waxed and beaded eggs blown empty?

  2. Peggy, Thank you so much for sharing these lovely pieces with us for Easter. I particularly liked your husband’s eggs. They are beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful day!


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