Threading the Loom Without Mistakes

I made the draft of this post when I was threading the loom for my box project. My report is that I only made one mistake and that was missing the heddle eye! A previous post gives 3 tricks for threading. See it here: 5/31/2020

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 Here I have the crosses for my two warps hanging vertically over a broom handle behind the heddles. This makes it easier to see the crosses when threading.

The illustration shows a clear picture of the set-up for threading. To stabilize the lease sticks I tie the top one to the broom handle. Look closely and you can see it.

I get as close to the heddles as I can. For my loom, that means taking out the beater and the breast beam.

How to know which shaft a heddle is on.
It’s easier to see what shaft a heddle is on if you look at the bottoms of the shafts. Here is a close-up.

Push all your counted-out heddles to the left (for right-handers) and stagger the heddles on the shafts so you can find which one you need easily as seen here. Left-handers would stagger them the same way but have them over on the right side of the shafts.

I have enough warp available so there is plenty ( I mean plenty) for threading, sleying the reed, AND tying on.

Position the cross (I have two because I made two warps to thread into the heddles) so you can see it easily when you are sitting on your threading stool.

Here’s my set-up with my low stool. The pillow is for my knees when I struggle to get up!

6 thoughts on “Threading the Loom Without Mistakes”

  1. Thanks for this visual presentation. I haven’t tried back to front warping. I have always warped front to back. I didn’t have a raddle for my LeClerc loom, so front to back was easier. I want to try vertical cross. Threading mistakes or missed warp thread seem to be my normal. Look forward to trying this method.

  2. I find warping very challenging, some probably due to neurological glitches while some less frequent warping. Your illustrations and your books are very helpful. I wish I could take a class that was several days of warping and rewarping all day every day.


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