Winding Bobbins: Important Information

Since my shuttles I’m using are tiny, I am winding bobbins often and thinking how important that is. Two previous posts were about boat shuttles which you can see HERE and HERE.

You want to place the bobbin inn the shuttle with the weft coming off the bottom of the bobbin. This is shown in the photo. The ensures the thread comes off without tangling.

Also, the bobbins should be wound FLAT. (no lumps at the ends) If you make lumps the thread will come off at different speeds and can tangle in the shuttle.

Lots of shuttles means they need to be small. Still sampling for the box. I keep getting new ideas and epiphanies. The warp will be used for sampling. I’m hoping for other warp yarns when the time comes.

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  1. Great information, but still coming off the bobbin. Could it be this gist yarn Italian cotton linen mix is somewhat thick and thin?


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