A Weaver’s Weaver: Kay Sekimachi

I love this box. One day when I was naïve and in a workshop with Kay Sekimachi, she told us how she wove it. Now it is in a fantastic solo show, and I want to weave it. I must not have thought it was very tricky at the time, because I cannot find her instructions.

The top and bottom add to the mystery. We know she had 8 shafts.

Also in the exhibition is this book. Looks simple. Maybe it is and maybe not. It needs some thinking about.

She made several of these “books” and I have one. This is a painting that she did that she transferred to the warp for the design for a book similar to mine.

Another box with another treatment for the top.

Another box which looks like warp ikat. I think maybe she transferred the black onto the warp rather than regular ikat. Similar to the books.

There are several of these magnificent beauties in the show. This is called Amiyose III. To get the black monofilament, Kay used Rit dye. I’ve gone twice with weavers and there is a lot to ponder and wonder about.

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) ends October 24. Don’t miss it! Plan a trip to San Francisco and take a day in Berkeley. $10 each. Reservations required AHEAD OF TIME.

7 thoughts on “A Weaver’s Weaver: Kay Sekimachi”

  1. Wow! I am so glad you posted, I am in No CA for a couple of weeks so might be able to visit the show, thank you.

  2. Is this Double Weave?
    Could you “flatten” out the boxes to discover the shape that they have to be woven in to make this?
    This is particularly relevant to what I am currently learning about. And I went down the research rabbit hole. One of the sources that I found might suggest answers to your questions.
    Paul O’Connor – Double Weave – A Retrospective.
    Looking forward to your exploration of how to do this!
    Linda M.


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