Blue Descending a Staircase: From One Layer to Nine – Woven by Peggy Osterkamp

I’m thinking of posting interesting double woven pieces for some future posts. Interspersed might be my dye project progress. I feel swamped thinking about the June 16 deadline.

I wove this piece quite a few years ago out of cotton sewing thread. It began at the top with weaving the warp in a single layer. Then I opened it up to 3 layers, then to 2 layers. Then I decided to make as many layers as I could given the width and density of the warp. This was based on the idea of weaving double weave like a “Kleenex box” with an opening in the center of the warp and the edges like the edges of a tube.

Here is what the warp looked like when woven as a single layer. I put the red stripe in so I would know where the opening would be.

6 thoughts on “Blue Descending a Staircase: From One Layer to Nine – Woven by Peggy Osterkamp”

  1. Hi Peggy, I want to learn how to make a quadruple weave that becomes a circle inside of a circle (one side can be joined) – think a skirt with a slip inside. Do you know how to do that?
    Thank you, Marilyn

    • Hi Marilyn, I’m so involved with my big dye project I can’t stop to concentrate on your question. I’m sorry to put you off, but I hope you find someone else.


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