Weaving that Almost Isn’t. April Fool!

Jan Hudson wove 2 scarves on a whim, and I asked her to make the April Fools Day post.

I used a variegated rayon knitting yarn as warp on the orange and blue scarf. The weft is a very thin unidentified cotton yarn I had in my stash but sewing thread would work also.

The sett was “guesstimated” at 5 epi. I wove 3 pics, then placed a 2 cm spacer cardboard in the shed, and wove 3 more pics, repeating the process to the end of the scarf!

The technique is used in Guatemala on textiles made on a backstrap loom. This time I wove a few more pics before leaving the spaces.

It’s only plain weave, so only 2 shafts are required! Peggy adds: So what if the ends don’t end up the same length!

5 thoughts on “Weaving that Almost Isn’t. April Fool!”

  1. Love this … I have so many novelty yarns in my stash. Going to give this a try. Thank you for emails … I enjoy them with my morning coffee. Blessings to you ~ Karen

  2. crazy ladies! These kinds of things cause me to see you smiling and behaving like the mad scientist with a somewhat wicked smile on your face and having so much fun. Your creativity never runs out,


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