My Own Fine Weaving

Now that life is getting busier, I’m planning to post less often. Maybe weekly or so. I want to get to my looms and experiment and do some fine weaving again. And I have a dye project I want to start. If you still need something to have breakfast with, try reading the posts I began a year ago when the pandemic began. I still love getting comments.

This is my 125 ends per inch silk weaving. I had big plans, but it was almost a “dog on the loom”. I wanted sheer fabric and I didn’t want to beat in the wefts too hard. I wove a double weave tube so there would be more resistance on the beater to prevent beating too hard and still be sheer. A tube meant only one shuttle, of course. I made so many threading errors, I thought I had lost my mind! It’s really not hard to thread so many ends when the cross is right there to guide you. Sometimes I crossed threads and sometimes it was in the heddles. I already had made several fine silk tubes before at 96 epi. This shouldn’t have been so difficult. I’ve got more  fine silk threads from Junco Sato Pollack so am eager to weave them up.

The weaving went terribly with a huge number of stops and starts to correct broken or mis-threaded ends. I properly repaired many threads and replaced many warp threads with colored sewing threads so I could see what I was doing. I had to throw away a lot but managed to get 40” woven as a tube.

After the 40” I decided to just weave off what I had left and not bother with corrections. I managed to get a hanging out of it. It hangs in front of an ikat hanging I got in Okinawa.

In the end, I gave up weaving the sheer cloth and decided to just weave off whatever I had left of the warp. Probably the warp was on the loom a few months before I made up my mind to get it off. I wove the layers separately.

I used the handspun cotton from Bhutan for the weft.

I couldn’t snug up the wefts at the selvedges so just let the wefts all hang out.

The handspun cotton on the fine silk. I think it looks OK. I do like where the cloth splits into the two layers and divides to hang on either side of the “single layer” the tube.

9 thoughts on “My Own Fine Weaving”

  1. Love your fine weaving, curious about the dark IKAT scaft(?) behind your work.
    Any details you can share?

    • I got it in Okinawa. I took pictures of it today and hope to make a post about it. Have to check back to see if I have any more details.

  2. Wonderful weaving such an inspiration. I have 3 skeins of thread/fine silk given to me 3 years ago and have been scared to even try to wind into balls or on to a tube! Let alone try to warp. If I hang them up where I see them and we look at each other daily will we get less scared of working together??

  3. Hi, Peggy
    I love your blog. Your patience for threading these fine warps amazes me. My patience starts to wear thin at 30 epi!

    Are you aware your blog has been hacked? Starting at this post and in many of your older posts spam links for online pharmacies have been inserted. The links aren’t too distracting but it means someone has access to all your content and could steal or delete everything so you might want to at least secure the server. Good luck!


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