Here I Go Again: Clearing the Decks

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Here is the last view of my kitchen before the dye pots come in and my dish drainer goes on the floor. I’m working on a project to submit to a show in China. Deadline is June 16. YIKES!  However, now I’m loving the smell of the lilacs I found at the florist this week!

This is clearest this “counter” has been in a long while. Before long, it will be covered with dye notes, etc.

It’s taking a lot of organizing and I’m not finished yet. I have 48 envelopes for 48 bundles. Each bundle is designated for a different dye or dye process.

Each bundle has 15 different silks. That way, there will be 15 slightly different tones from a single dye pot. Organizing it all and getting all the ingredients and planning all the preparations is a big job and I’m still working on this stage. 48 x 15 = a lot of swatches.

Making the bundles took all of the surfaces in our lounge to collate.

I’m counting on this label maker and Tyvek and Sharpie pens for making 48 very specific labels. Some need some processes done before mordanting, during, or after dyeing.

I’m using old Chinese recipes along with the Boutrup/Ellis book.

6 thoughts on “Here I Go Again: Clearing the Decks”

  1. You are a very busy woman. I should send you a picture of all the boxes I have to unpack after the kitchen fire. I must have 50 boxes in every room.

  2. Love it! Such organization! The “Natural Dye Book” Wow what a prize! would love a peek inside,I can just imagine the mordants and dye sources. It’s so much fun to play with different fibers in the same bath. But even with meticulous notes I never get the same results year to year, I put that up to different growing conditions tho!! Keep us posted. I’d love to help chop, stir, or lift heavy pots but to far away. K

    • Since I’m making art, I don’t need to worry about things from one year to the next. Thanks for the offer to help.


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