Dye Project Update Number One

Here are the results of the weekend’s work on my dye project. There are 4 bundles drying in the photo. All the pieces in a bundle were in the same dye pot. In other words, a bundle represents one dye process. The pieces on the string were in a bundle. On the rack are 3 bundle’s worth. All variations on cochineal. More on cochineal to follow.

The undyed bundles have been mordanted with alum and will be dyed later.

The status of my kitchen after the weekend.

6 thoughts on “Dye Project Update Number One”

  1. Peggy, I wish that we weren’t separated by so many miles. I’ll bet you’re a riot to hang around. I’d be your #1 assistant, gopher, step & fetch it, I would clean your pots…..all in hopes that osmosis would shed some knowledge my way. I’m in an online Fine Threads class with Susan Balascio right now and am warping 60/2 silk, which isn’t nearly so fine as what you’re using here but I’ve really enjoyed your posts and your extra fine textiles.


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